When it comes to weight loss what most people don’t realize is that proper levels of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants in the body are crucial to losing weight without dieting. If the body is low in any one of many B vitamins, your body may not be able to produce the energy it needs to run at its best. Amino acids help to build muscle and burn fats. (Most have unpronounceable names like L-carnitine, methionine, inositol, choline, leucine, l-carnitine, and theanine). They control blood sugar and even support a better mood. Amino acids also help to get rid of toxins from the body. These toxins must pass through the liver as part of the detoxification process. Detoxification is extremely important when you are losing body fat as many toxins are stored in the fat cells. As you eliminate these cells, the toxins are released and need to be removed from the body. Ensuring your body’s levels of hydration, glutathione, acetylcysteine, and even vitamin C, are at proper levels helps to keep the body from becoming overwhelmed with toxins.

Prime IV can help with this through our IV vitamin hydration therapy and vitamin injections. IV hydration and vitamin therapy are easy to add to a new routine as they aren’t a daily habit. Prime IV Hydration in Delray Beach’s most popular wellness plan includes one IV vitamin therapy treatment monthly and two injections – you get to choose from B12 or Lipolean, a blend of vitamins and amino acids that help to burn fat and stop food cravings. These IV vitamin therapies and vitamin injections help to keep your vitamin levels “topped up” so that your body is able to operate at its peak level. This helps with energy production, hormone regulation, and detoxification. All of these are crucial for helping you to lose weight without being on a diet.

Finally, one of the most often overlooked aspects of losing weight without a diet is the mind-body-spirit aspect. This is the connection to your body, your thoughts around your current weight and health, and your ability to experience emotions without needing to “numb” the pain that human emotions can inflict. The mind-body-spirit connection is actually one of the keys to releasing weight permanently without a diet. Addressing why you eat, what you eat, and if you really need that food for fuel can be life-changing in terms of losing weight and keeping off without dieting. Are you able to observe, from a place of conscious thought, whether your thought is actually true or not true? Perhaps you say to yourself internally, “I want cookies”. If you can ask yourself “Why?” and the answer comes up “these cookies will make me feel better,” you might be able to think through the process prior to binging on the cookies. You note that you will get a temporary change from eating the sugary cookies, perhaps “feel better for that period” but then will come the crash or the stomach ache and the not-so-great feeling. It is catching the relationship between the thought “I want cookies” and understanding that the reality below it of “these cookies will make me feel better” and the understanding that this thought/statement is NOT TRUE, can lead to life-changing new decisions. New awareness, new understanding, and new decisions turn into new, healthy habits.

If this is the first time this concept has come to your attention, or even if you are familiar with this idea of awareness, know it starts with becoming aware of your thoughts. It then steps into whether or not something is true, and what the underlying assumption is beneath any potentially untrue or unhelpful statement. The awareness of this allows you to choose, from a place of power, your next steps. Of course, eating cookies isn’t in and of itself an inherently “bad” choice. It is more a matter of being unconscious to the belief that eating the cookies will make you feel better when it actually causes you to feel worse! And this is the cycle for so many of us that are trying to lose weight without a “diet” plan. Our willpower WILL most likely tap out at some point. We will eat the cookies and say “screw it”. This typically results in binge eating cookies to binge eating pizza, ice cream, hot wings, and all the things unsupportive of our body’s health, and our goal of losing weight. This is why awareness and the ability to examine and reason are the first steps.

If you are trying to lose weight without dieting, first and foremost give yourself some love and credit. You are worthy and beautiful exactly where you are, as you are, of being loved. If you could really see the truth, you would identify the people in your life that love and appreciate you EXACTLY as you are right now. They may not be the best in the world at saying it out loud to you, but it is still true. Take a moment and feel that love from those people. Feel the love you have for them, or a pet, or whatever it is that comes to mind that you love. Next, pick a small habit that feels ridiculously easy. Make it your simple goal to complete it for what feels like a doable amount of time. “I’m going to put on my running shoes and clothes for the next seven days first thing in the morning”. If you miss a day, don’t give up. Just get up the next day and do it again. It isn’t the one day missed that matters, it is letting that turn into not doing it again, ever. Also note how you can get choose to add in nutrition in the form of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Giving your body the gift of essential vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants that support your journey of losing weight without a diet will just make your efforts that much easier. Finally, observe your thoughts and evaluate if they are true. Is this thought the real issue, and can you make a different choice? Over time, these small changes will add up to BIG results as

you are able to lose weight without dieting.