Hangover Drip

The chief reason why The Resurrection IV drip is so popular is that it helps to get rid of those awful symptoms that are associated with a hangover. This includes the likes of headaches, mood changes, nausea, vomiting, and feeling irritable, to name but a few.

A Free B12 with any purchase with Facebook Check-in or IG story. B-12 – Dragging on a daily basis, fighting mood swings or need a boost in memory? Try B12 consistently and watch how much better you feel! $15 l-arginine additive to any IV drip. This amino acid helps repair muscle tissue and promotes the use of fat as fuel in the body. Excellent for achy muscles after working out.


The Resurrection – $165 (save $34 free B-12 with paid service $99 or above and FB check in or IG story mention (normally $25))

L-Carnitine – $5 to add to any bag (normally $30)