Randy proudly served in the United States Air Force for 23 years, specializing in the Contracting and Financial career fields, plus extensive experience in Project Management and Contract Administration. After retiring from
the service, Randy started and ran a family construction company with his son, that eventually evolved into their single-family rehab, rentals, and commercial property investing business.

A natural outgrowth of those activities, Randy began coaching people in business development. His unique ability to pull people and the elements of a deal together often seem uncanny. His ability to craft a deal is something of
an art form that amazes all parties.

And now his focus is on the business of health and wellness, He firmly believes that at this time, the health of our bodies is such a critical area that we can take responsibility for. For ourselves, our families, and our
closest friends. Family first, Randy loves being outdoors with his wife, kids, grandchildren, and yes, two great grand daughters! Especially if they can be on the water or camping in the mountains. In his spare time, Randy
enjoys spending time with his wife, walking their dogs, playing golf, reading, and finally a good single malt scotch.