Has exhaustion got you feeling down, both physically and mentally? Have you heard about IV Drip Therapy? Put down the coffee and energy drinks. Their results are not real, and their effects are short-lived. IV Drip Therapy is the quickest, and most efficient route for getting your health back on track again. We are talking about a simple, proven procedure that delivers real results! First, let’s talk about what has brought your body to this point in the first place. 

Common Causes of Fatigue

Having fatigue often goes deeper than just needing a good night’s sleep. When you are fatigued, it is difficult for you to carry out normal day-to-day tasks such as driving and working. You move around more slowly, your muscles are tired, and your eyes are heavy. When you are fatigued it is easy to become irritated, and it is difficult to concentrate. When you try and exert yourself, your symptoms often become worse. 

Unlike being just a little sleepy, fatigue is often tied to health issues. Here are a few common causes:

  • Insomnia: When you are unable to sleep at night, logically you become sleep deprived. Sleep apnea may also be the cause, as may be working the night shift. 
  • Mental health issues: It is often difficult to get enough sleep when your mind is dealing with conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress or grief. 
  • Chronic pain: If you are experiencing pain while you try and sleep at night, you are likely waking up poorly rested. 
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: Chronic fatigue is a condition all its own, and unfortunately it doesn’t improve with rest. 

Benefits of IV Drip Therapy for Fatigue

When you choose IV Drip Therapy to combat fatigue, the main benefit is that the results are felt very quickly. This is because you don’t have to take pills and guzzle down water and wait to feel better. 

No fluids or nutrients have to make their way through the digestive system before they reach their final destination. Our nutrient-rich fluid is delivered directly into your bloodstream, so it reaches your cells and organs immediately.

Another bonus is that we have a consultation with you before preparing your IV Drip. This is important so that we can customize your IV Drip Therapy specifically for your unique concerns. 

As your energy becomes recharged and your body becomes nourished with our treatment, you will also become cleansed of unwanted toxins and free radicals. IV Drip Therapy naturally promotes healthy skin and fights premature aging. 

The Power of Vitamins Against Fatigue

Supplementing B vitamins has been proven to improve stress, mental health conditions, and cognitive performance. B vitamins are also needed to help your body convert food into the energy that is required for it to function. When a deficiency occurs, it can manifest as depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability and poor concentration. 

Specifically, vitamin B12 helps the body make DNA. Your metabolism is not able to work without it. If you are deficient in B12, you don’t have any energy. Exhaustion and brain fog are experienced as a result.  

Vitamin C is known as an important supporter of adrenal gland function, which in turn helps to regulate stress responses and fight fatigue. Specifically, in a study, when Vitamin C was administered intravenously, it was proven to reduce fatigue in a study of 141 healthy office workers. Since your body does not produce Vitamin C on its own, it is important to take in a significant amount of it on a daily basis, and replenish your supply when you are deficient. 

The Importance of Hydration

When you receive IV Drip Therapy, not only are you getting the vitamins and minerals you need, your body is becoming quenched and hydrated at the same time. This is particularly helpful if one of the underlying causes of your exhaustion is that you are suffering from dehydration. 

You are immediately replenishing your fluids, salts and electrolytes a cellular level when you receive IV drip therapy. As a result, the blood supply to your vital organs is improved. Your liver and kidneys are then able to detoxify your body more cleanly and efficiently. Since your body is made up of 60% water, you are literally feeding and renewing your cells with IV drip therapy.

What Happens When Your Body’s Energy Levels Are Boosted?

When your energy levels are higher, there is more of you to go around! You get through your daily tasks with vigor. Somehow you find the time for physical exercise, when perhaps you never did before. Your mood is naturally lifted. There just seems to be more time in the day to get things accomplished. Perhaps one of the best benefits to having more energy is that you just feel stronger and better, and perhaps even a bit younger. Who wouldn’t want that?

What to Expect at (Facility Name) for IV Drip Therapy

When you receive an IV Drip Therapy Treatment at (Facility Name), we do our best to make sure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. 

The procedure is very simple. We insert a catheter into a vein in your arm or hand. This catheter is connected to your IV fluids, that we have specially formulated according to your needs. 

You may choose to lie down or sit up, whichever you prefer. You will continue to receive the IV drip until the bag becomes empty. How long it takes depends on the amount of fluids we have given you. 

We at (Facility Name) want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of how and why this procedure works to remedy your fatigue. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any inquiries that you might have.